Susan Alvarado

Susan B. Alvarado, LPC, PLLC, formerly Susan Branco-Rodriguez
Susan, an adopted person from Colombia, South America, is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in adoption and attachment in her private practice in Northern VA. Susan co-leads groups and teen camps and participates in Colombia Homeland tours with the Barker Foundation, a Washington, DC area adoption agency. She is a national presenter on topics related to international adoption, attachment, and identity. Her research with young adult Colombian adoptees is included in The Handbook of Adoption: Theory, Research, and Practice (Javier, R.A., Baden, A.L., Biafora, F. & Camacho-Gingerich, A., Editors, 2007). Susan also serves as a Board Member for the International Adoptee Congress. Susan’s favorite position is that of a full time mother to a spirited eight year-old son.