Oronde A. Miller

Oronde Miller is the Director of Systems Improvement Methodologies at Casey Family Programs in Washington, DC. In this role, he supervises collaborative and peer learning child welfare systems improvement efforts in coordination with state and local public child welfare agencies across the country. Before assuming this role, Mr. Miller was the Manager of Casey Family Programs’ Breakthrough Series Collaborative on Reducing Racial Disproportionality and Disparate Outcomes for Children and Families of Color in the Child Welfare System. Mr. Miller’s work on behalf of children and families over the last fifteen years has focused on child development, education, and socialization, with a particular interest in the cultural and social forces impacting African American child and family functioning in the United States. He and his brother were placed in foster care when Mr. Miller was only a few months old. Before being placed with their permanent adoptive family, they experienced multiple placements in foster care, as well as one disrupted adoptive placement. Their final adoptive family was found for them by Homes for Black Children, the first and, at the time, the only African American adoption agency in the country. Mr. Miller currently resides in the metropolitan Washington, DC area with his wife and two young children.