Michael Colberg

Michael Colberg, JD, LCSW, MFT maintains a private psychotherapy practice in New York City focusing on family systems and adoption. He has served on the Los Angeles Commission for Children’s Services and the New York City Task Force on Open Adoption.  Mr. Colberg is a founding member of All Children-All Families whose mission is to create opportunities for children in foster care to find permanent families with members of the LGBT community who very much want to parent.  Mr. Colberg also was a founding co-director of The Center For Family Connections - New York. He has studied, written about, taught and spoken out on behalf of families touched by adoption in many venues, including the Yale and Columbia Law Schools, the International Conference on the Rights of the Child, and New York City’s Village Community School. Mr. Colberg is a parent, through adoption, of a college-age daughter whose adoption has been open since birth.