Joe Kroll

Joe Kroll is the Executive Director of the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC). An adoptive and birth father, Mr. Kroll became involved with NACAC in 1975 and has served as NACAC’s executive director since 1985. He has taken NACAC from a small grassroots organization to a acclaimed nonprofit that serves thousands of adoptive parents each year and strives to improve the child welfare system for foster children and the families who care for them. A passionate advocate for children, Mr. Kroll’s work includes talking with individual families about how to obtain post-adoption support, training parent group leaders and other foster and adoptive parents, testifying before Congress, and speaking at the White House to achieve needed system reforms to better serve vulnerable children and families. He remains committed to achieving system reform by building a network of adoptive families at the grassroots level. By bringing together parents, professionals, and policy makers for more than two decades at NACAC, Mr. Kroll has significantly improved the lives of adoptive families throughout the U.S. and Canada.