Jared N. Rolsky

Jared N. Rolsky, MSW, is the Executive Director of Golden Cradle, a multi-state licensed adoption agency based in New Jersey. As Executive Director, he oversees the agency’s domestic and international adoption serivces. Prior to joining Golden Cradle, Mr. Rolsky had a private practice with a focus on children and families and divorce mediation; served first as Director of Services for Children and Families and then as Executive Director of Jewish Family Serivces of New Haven; and was the Chief Social Worker for Children’s Outpatient Services at the Crozier Chester Community Mental Health Center. Mr. Rolsky is a board member and Treasurer of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services and has been the organization’s Special Liaison to COA/Hague Approval since 2006. He is the Membership Chair for the Delaware Valley Adoption Council and is a board member of the Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies and the Connecticut Association of Family Service Agencies. Mr. Rolsky has been a Team Leader for COA since 1986 and Peer Reviewer since 1984.