Bill Cordray

Bill Cordray is an architect practicing in Salt Lake City, Utah and an advocate for people conceived through donor insemination (DI). Mr. Corday was born through DI conception in July 1945; at age 37, his mother disclosed his conception. Since that time, he has been an outspoken critic of reproductive technologies in the media, at conferences, on the Internet, and on an interpersonal level. His work focuses on eliminating secrecy within DI families, promoting early disclosure to children, ending anonymity in gamete donation, and proclaiming the retrospective right of access of DI adults to the identity of their mother’s sperm donor. Mr.
Cordray’s web site seeks to give a voice to the rapidly growing numbers of DI adults who want to speak freely about their experiences. Mr. Cordray regularly presents at conferences on DI. He has appeared in television interviews and documentaries in Utah, in the US national media, and in the media of Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. Mr. Cordray holds a BA in English and a Masters in Architecture from the University of Utah.